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Will Storage

How does it work?

In law there is only one Will, copies are for information only and not a legally binding document. If you are unable to find your original Will it will be deemed that you have not made one and your estate will pass under the Rules of Intestacy, for this reason safe storage of a Will is imperative.

Following the completion of your Will and it has been signed and witnessed; it must remain valid and safe. If you decide to store your Will at home, there is a considerable risk of accidental damage that could invalidate that Will along the way such as:

• Destruction by fire, flood or burglary
• Pen marks in the wrong place
• A tear or damage of some other sort
• The loss of the Will
• If your executors are unable to find your Will after your death, then your estate may be distributed as if you were to have died intestate (no Will).

All these add up to an invalid Will, so keeping the document safe is vital.

Parks Wills & Estate Planning are able to offer professional secure document storage via National Will Safe Ltd.


Additional Benefits

• Certificate of storage.
• Registered with WillData (National Will Database).
• Free storage for any additional documents you would like to store securely (Property deeds etc.)
• ID cards for your Executors.
• A letter explaining how to retrieve your documents for each of your executors.
• Letters to your Executors / Trustees and Guardians confirming their appointment and duties.
• Free Help-Line for your executors with support and information about their duties after your death. This is an invaluable service which takes a lot of stress out of the situation.
• To ensure your executors have quick and easy access to a valid and up to date Will along with professional support in completing Probate.


Certificate of Custody & Executor Cards

You will receive a certificate of custody, for security reasons the Executors will be unable to retrieve your will unless they apply in writing and enclose a copy of the Death Certificate.

Where the appointed Executors are 'lay persons' such as your surviving spouse or children, they will be offered a free help-line with the opportunity to talk to one of the National Will Safe experts.

Dispatch of documents is normally 24-48 hours from receipt of a retrieval notice along with supporting proof of identity and a copy of the death certificate. Wills are only sent via guaranteed or registered post.

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